Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

I Got A Tattoo

I think tattoos are freakin' cool. So I got one. 'Nuff said. I've been kicking around tattoo ideas for a couple of years. (I used to joke that there was nothing I loved enough to get tattooed to my body, except maybe a short stack of pancakes.) Things just never lined up for me to actually pull the trigger on it until this weekend when I found myself in a Seattle tattoo shop. I texted my husband, David, and told him I was getting a tattoo.  Knowing I had a couple of different things in mind, he asked what I had decided [...]

I Hate The Gym

I hate the gym so much. Zumba was crowded last night. Looked like lots of 1st timers. There was hardly any room for me to really shake it like a Polaroid picture. Leaving last night, the guy at the counter says "hey, take one of these flyers". I said "no, I don't need your crap." He said "it's got some tips for starting the new year off right & keeping your fitness resolutions as well as some guest passes for your friends." I said, "Look, that class up there was way too full. What we need here are fewer people. [...]

Go 'Head, It's Yo Burfday!

I love birthdays. Not just my own, but everybody! I love buying presents. I love the parties. I love the cake. I love making people feel special. Regardless of your age, shouldn't we treat birthdays like a big deal? My husband HATES making a fuss about his birthday. I tell him, "That's too bad, we are celebrating your life whether you like it or not." This weekend, my friend of nearly 17 years, Erin, and I are going to Seattle to celebrate her birthday. Erin resided in Seattle for a decade, so it has a special place in her heart. [...]

Rude Food

Back in early September 2010, I was able to spend a few days with my cousin Barbi in Southern California. It was gloriously epic. I think I laughed until I wanted to puke. She is a funny chick, and I think we're pretty funny (and horrible) together. We went out to the store one night for some snacks. During this outting, we had a startling revelation. A growing epidemic, if you will. It's a problem we call "food that tastes like OTHER food". Walking down the chip aisle, there were cheeseburger flavored Doritos. Barbi looked at me and said, [...]

Insecurity Is So Dumb.

Insecurity is something I do not have time for. Not to say I don't have my moments, but all that agonizing over MYSELF is such a waste of perfectly good energy. I believe artistic people are more prone to insecurity. Especially singers. I think singers have to be some of the most sensitive people because our "instrument" is literally part of who we are. So, when someone approves or disapproves we take that as a reflection of how you feel about us as people.  When you take a step back and think about it rationally, someone liking my singing doesn't necessarily mean they like me [...]

Unwanted Attention

I realize that the phrase "unwanted attention" seems funny coming from someone like me who enjoys being the center of it all. I will say that though I am an affectionate person, I don't want people touching me all the time. For example, you'll never catch me getting a massage. A good friend is an LMT, and still I refuse. Nothing personal. Just don't like people seeing me naked and don't want them touching me. For the past few months, I have had what we called "weekly date nights" with a friend and her daughter. We'd go to the gym [...]

Dream Killers

If you have a big dream, you need to stock up on ketchup because that dream will bring out massive quantities of HATER TOTS. Something worse than the hater tots are the people you love and respect that do not believe in you. For years, I mistakenly put too much stock into what one person's opinion of me was. This person does love me, just doesn't believe in me. Ouch. I realize I am a drama queen, but I can assure you I am not exaggerating. As painful as this has been for me, it has taught me [...]

Waiting Room

  If you are employed, be grateful. Not only am I employed, but I work for a really rad church and work with people whom I love and love me back. Being a receptionist, secretary, admin, what have you - is not my dream, but I can tell you with absolute certainty I am right where God wants me.  It brings me joy to greet people every day. I have a different song I sing for each staff person, and I do weird stuff to my hair sometimes or wear hats because it makes them smile. (I am thrilled I work [...]

Tales From the Gym: Part 1

 I hate the gym. Not because I'm a germophob. Not because I dislike exercise.  The gym  smells of sweat & desperation. Gross & grosser. I prefer to do classes over using the equipment there. I think it has something to do with my being slightly hyper-active and my A.D.D. I take 2 classes at the gym: Kwando & Zumba. Kwando is basically Tae Bo. I assume they don't call it that because of copyright infringement, or perhaps the mental image it conjures of a greased up muscular dude in an inappropriate unitard. That just makes people uncomfortable. Again, gross, but that is neither here nor [...]

The Five Stages: What's that mean, anyway?

Hello!  Thanks for checking out my blog today! I've always liked the idea of blogging. I gave it a go once a while back. Deleted it because I thought I was lame. True story. Life is different now though. Things are happening. Things are changing - or maybe it's just me who's changing? Perhaps it's a little of both. My inspiration for this comes from the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression & acceptance) as I am coming out of difficult times and navigating that emotionally. It also relates to my involvement in different ministries as well as pursuing some [...]