Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

My Cover of This Is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli

I blogged about the song This is the Stuff a while back, so it seemed only fitting I use that song to launch my YouTube channel. A friend gave me the idea to start a YouTube channel a while back, and I felt silly about it but I decided to give it a try. I apologize for my rookie mistakes and hope you hang in there with me as I learn to make these vids better! Thanks for reading my blog, following along with me in my journey and for your wonderful support. Love to all, Jenny Lind [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIJHh6P5YRw]

The Great Purge of 2011

What is The Great Purge of 2011, you ask? Excellent question! It is essentially just me being a drama queen about throwing away my junk.  My last two weekends have been filled with sorting and throwing things out. I even ordered a small dumpster from the disposal company and filled it within three hours.  This was cheaper and more convenient than multiple trips to the dump, not to mention less stinky. Perhaps it is the winds of change that inspired this spring cleaning extravaganza, but it feels REMARKABLE to get rid of junk. I will add this note to anyone considering attempting this: [...]

Armageddon: a P.K.'s Nightmare

No, I'm not talking about the movie with Bruce Willis. But I do like it. (Don't judge me! How dare you!) My daddy was a preacher and a good one at that. He is an excellent public speaker and teacher, and that skill combined with his love for people comes in handy today as an executive. As a kid, someone in our church was after my dad for months to teach on the book of Revelation. So, he decided to do it. Sadly, that person never ONCE attended the class, but that is neither here nor there. It's funny how [...]

Good Advice

Run. Might be the best advice evs. Feeling chubby? Run. Dudes tryin' to holla at you? Run. Emotionally imbalanced roommate comes home with a samurai sword? Run. (Don't even pack your crap. Get out of there immediately. Run.) Venti latte consumed about 30 minutes ago? Run. Shoes on sale at DSW? Run. Free ice cream? Run. Pardon me. Gotta run.

New Adventures

I began exploring audition opportunities this year.  To put it simply: I don't know what I don't know. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I know I can act. I just need someone to show me how to get where I want/need to be in order to make things happen. I took my husband's advice and contacted Toni Suttie, a casting director whom he had attended church with many years ago. I sent her an email. She was incredibly kind and got back to me immediately. We stayed in touch and a few weeks later, she offered to mentor me.  Needless [...]

My Canvas

I like to have designs painted on my nails.  What can I say? I am an artist, and I am my own canvas. I keep getting comments from strangers (and friends) about my nails. I don't find anything I do to be terribly original, but I guess what's normal to me isn't to others. The other day I held the door for a gentleman who was struggling to carry large amounts of books and paperwork. He said "WHOA! Look at those nails! It's like reverse measles!" What I wanted to say was "Wouldn't REVERSE measles be....NO measels?" What I actually said [...]

Totes Uncool

Why can't I just be cool one day of my life?! Seriously. Well, you gotta hand it to me. I've got this nerd thing on lock. I know too much about Star Wars. I have sinus problems. I make far too many potty humor jokes. I wouldn't say I'm a hot mess, I think myself more a mild mess. You know what else is uncool? Eating a pint of ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser. A friend recently told me, "I can't help it. It makes me hungry." You know who you are! My friend, Kirstin once told me, [...]

Regarding Popcorn

To Whom It May Not Concern: Popcorn is RUDE. It is basically styrofoam covered in butter and salt.  (Cover it with caramel though and it changes my feelings on the matter entirely, but I digress.) At the movies, it costs around, I dunno, $500 or so for a medium popcorn and bevy. When I get it I think, "I just paid to pick kernels of corn out of my (giant) teeth from here to eternity."  ( Then I think, "Why are kernel and colonel pronounced the same?") Then, I realize maybe I should have my dentist's number in my "favorites" on my phone. It [...]

Not Yours

What if we start to look at everything in our lives as not really belonging TO us. Hmm... They aren't your friends, family or enemies - they're God's kids. They are His craftsmanship. They are His works in progress - just like you. It isn't your life. It's His plan. It isn't your dream. It's God's dream. Don't mess with it. It isn't your talent. It is one of the many tools He plans to use. It isn't your house. This world is not our home. It is not forever. It isn't your way, but His way is better. In our pursuit [...]

Inappropriate Laughter Strikes Again!

Welcome to another tale of my self-loathing. My friend Cathy is an incredible musician and worship leader in her own right, but graciously agreed to accompany me last weekend as I led worship for our church's women's retreat. Cathy limped into this retreat, literally, with a broken little toe. Her other two detriments over the weekend were oversized luggage and a friend who laughs at her pain. Cathy packed a huge suitcase, another small bag and a couple of other (large) personal items. Among said personal items were a number of books. Cathy is an avid reader and does not get [...]