Have you ever been in the situation at church, school or maybe even work there’s a person that you always hear about, but you have never met? Back in 2005,  I kept hearing the name Jenny Conlee at church but I had no idea who she was. Specifically, I kept hearing the name from my uncle who went to and worked at the church. So often, he knew people that I didn’t. Usually though, I could put a face with the name had seen them or talked to them though I really didn’t know them. There was a few months there where my uncle would talk about Jenny Conlee and I still hadn’t seen her. I even accused him of making her up since I had never laid eyes on her.

Do you ever not like someone before you meet them? Yeah, I didn’t like this Jenny Conlee. From things I’d heard she was always being goofy and PhotoShopping pictures, and she supposedly had this great voice, all kinds of stuff that sounded like, well, me! Sometimes when you don’t like people it’s because you feel threatened. I totally did. I did all of the above mentioned things and the fact that there was someone else out there doing them was not ok! I guess she was just a little too much like me and I didn’t like it one bit!

In the fall of that year began our Christmas Choir rehearsals, and finally I met the illusive Jenny Conlee. Guess what, I was right I didn’t like her at all! It was like meeting another me in some ways, and I didn’t care for it.

The next time at choir she started joking around with me and my cousins, and for some reason I felt differently. I liked her, I liked that Jenny Conlee. I don’t remember how long it was after that, but she and I ended up going out with a mutual friend and we went to Jenny’s house we watched movies and ate Panda, it was a great time,  the best time I’d had out with the girls in a long time!

Pretty much since then she has been my Best Good Friend. We even got our husbands to be friends which is tough (you know sometimes the wife’s ok but the husband is a little iffy) but in this case the 4 of us get along like peas and carrots. We got together all the time, watched movies, played board games, we’d even all fall asleep watching football on Sunday afternoons. No matter what we were doing we would usually invite the Conlee’s. They came to the hospital after I had my baby, they were at all of the birthday celebrations for my family, even my cousins in Eugene started referring to Jenny as their cousin. My whole family gained awesome friends in Jenny and David!

We have since moved away from Oregon, and the Conlee’s and that was probably the hardest part of leaving. But Jenny and I talk via text or Facebook almost every day. She’s my person I can tell anything to without fear or judgement. If I have something important happen in my life, good or bad she is one of the first I call to get excited with or freak out with. She is the best!  Aside from my husband, Jenny is my best friend and am so lucky that she is a part of my life! Love you Jenny!!

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