Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Be Happy For Others

Ever fear telling certain people about how you received a gift or purchased something new because you knew they'd say something snarky like, "Must be nice."? Romans 12:15 springs to mind, "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." (Side note: If you can today, read the entire chapter of Romans 12. Good stuff.) I LOVE it when good things happen to people. It fills MY heart with joy and gives me hope and confidence,  gently reminding me of God's faithfulness. Let me tell you, I have received so much. Here's just a few items in the past 24 [...]

Reasons Why Camping Is Wrong

Today's post is by my cousin, Barbi. No toilets Bugs No electricity No beds No toilets No privacy No A.C. No toilets No heat No TV No toilets Snakes Wildlife (as in bears, mountain lions, coyotes and any outside vermin) Other campers NO TOILETS!

This Is The Week!

Well, this is it. This the beginning of an adventure. I am going to be mentored by casting director and all-around coolest person ever - Toni Suttie. Beyond wanting to learn everything I can, I want to bless these people I am about to spend 3 days with. This has been in the works for 3 months, and the time has finally come. I am excited about long days on a set somewhere. Sick, huh? I hope I can sleep tonight, I am SO excited! I have to be honest. Even though I've read books and spoken to people who've done some [...]

Capt. Joanna Finch: PDX Pirate

It has been said on more than one occasion that I am a little crazy. Let me clarify. I mean, crazy "ha-ha" not crazy "uh-oh". There is a distinct difference. Last month, my sister-in-law, hubs and I dressed as pirates to pickup our friend from PDX. (Amanda, my sis-in-law, completely instigated this, by the way. I love that about her. I give her full credit.) Our friend was flying in from Chicago, and I had not seen her in nearly a decade. We stood proudly by with sign in hand of my friend's name, and greeted other onlookers [...]

Leave It To The Bieber

Recently, I sent out a Facebook message: Did anyone have any suggestions for a great, gritty movie that the hubs and I could watch after we put the boys to bed? Hubby had had a rough week, you see, and sometimes we like to relieve stress by watching other people blow things up. Several people recommended Inglorious Basterds, but when I went to Redbox that night, they didn’t have the Basterds movie. So, casting about for something similar, I selected Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber bio-pic. Turns out, it isn’t similar at all. But I enjoyed it very [...]

What Can I Do For You?

In a commencement speech to the Horizon Christian High School class of 2010, I heard one of the most simple and profound statements I've ever heard in my life. If you ask the question "What can I do for you?", you will always have work, you will  always have friends, and your life will always have meaning. - Dick Foth Finding Work Some people cannot get work simply because of this economy, but they fill their time serving somewhere until something becomes available. I admire these people. Some people think things are beneath them and they wait and wait for [...]

Timing Is Everything

It’s been said that timing is everything. Now while that may be a gross overstatement, you must admit that timing plays an essential role in our daily lives. Just ask your boss the next time you show up late to work. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything - a time to love, a time to mourn, a time to weep, etc. But nowhere in that passage does the writer specify that there is a time for breakfast. For me, breakfast is great any time of day. But I have learned that to the [...]

Hypocrisy & Fortune Cookies

I once had a fortune cookie that read "exercise more". First of all, RUDE. Secondly, that's quite hypocritical coming from a freakin' cookie. I am a hypocrite. So are you. We all have issues. ALL OF US. To say you're not hypocritical is an indictment of your character. Not only are you a hypocrite, but you're also a know-it-all. I'm not sure what's worse! My favorite is when a fellow hypocrite points out my hypocrisy. It's as ridiculous as that fortune cookie telling me to exercise more.  I am a hypocrite, but I like to think that I am in [...]


Growing up, Pop wrote most of our church's Christmas and Easter plays and directed a few of them with my favorite uncle, Uncle Garry (aka Guncle).  When I was 15, they gave me a part in a Christmas where I played the role of a smart-alek teenager. Let's just say the words "type casting" were thrown around a lot. Something major happened to me during that play. I had a blast. I love making people laugh, but there was more to it. Something just...clicked. It's funny how that is SO clear to me now, but I see that as a defining [...]

I Hate Grocery Shopping

I hate the grocery store and grocery shopping for a plethora of reasons. Where do I begin... It is remarkably difficult to plan meals & shop for just 2 people. Well, at least that's my problem. Historically, we haven't saved much money when we DO eat at home. Our schedule changes often, so we end up deviating from the plan thus resulting in food spoilage as we were not around to consume it. People lose all sense when they go grocery shopping. Seriously. Pay attention! I don't like seeing store employees outside smoking. (Listen, it's none of my beeswax how you choose [...]