This is a post about underwear. If talk of such things offends you, close this window now, or refer to my previous post about not taking things so seriously.

I have had underwear on the brain. I’m going to a “Lingerie Bachelorette” party next week and for a game we have to bring a pair of underwear that represents ourselves. I have no clue what to bring.

Last week I did a blog about collecting elephants in which I inserted a graph. I love graphs, I’m such a visual person and a graph is a good way to express something in a way that is easy for (most) people to understand. Plus it’s total nerd humor, of which I am a fan. Anyway, when Jenny tweeted a link to the blog she said that I had a “thong for graphs” which prompted me to create the following graph.

I have 2 points regarding underwear. First – NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR!!!! Guys pull your pants up. Girls, beware of the whale tail! I also have a thing about visible panty lines. Women (guys you too I guess, but if your pants are that tight…well that’s another blog post all together) chose your undergarments carefully. No one wants to see the outline of your underwears. It’s tacky and it’s like a train wreck to me, totally distracting!

Point number 2 – WEAR UNDERWEAR! “Commando” is not ok! Wear your chonies! Remember how your mom told you to wear clean underwear in case you got in an accident. Seriously do it! I guess it’s just another piece of clothing, but I’m the girl who ALWAYS wears a camisole under any and all shirts. You all could be going commando and I would never know, but I think a civilized person really should wear underpants, in my mind it’s a hygienic thing. So if you are going to go commando, please, please, please don’t tell me. It will ruin my opinion of you. I will also have to resist the urge to Lysol everything you come in contact with. (Irrational I know, but I’m sure you have your crazy moments too!!!)


  1. Being a man, I’ve obviously never been to a bachelorette party…let alone a “Lingerie Bachelorette” party. But let me be the first to say I’m disturbed by the notion of bringing a pair of underwear that represents you. I mean, let’s be honest, how many different “types” of underwear are there? That’s too much pressure to try and fit into an underwear category.

    Also, this is never a game men would EVER play. Who wants to be the guy who identifies himself as “Full of holes with skid marks in back”, “Hmm, smells clean”, or “Banana Hammock (which is the abomination of desolation).”

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