Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

An Open Letter Regarding Halloween

DISCLAIMER: Whatever your personal conviction is about Halloween is fine with me and I have the utmost respect for your point of view. For me, growing up, it was merely an excuse to dress up and hand out/eat candy. I might add that my parents (my dad was a minister, BTDubbs) never ONCE expressed concern about Halloween being the Devil's birthday or anything of the such.  In fact, there was no mention of Satan or his minions. Therefore, I was SHOCKED to hear concerns from Christians in my early teens. Not judging anyone out there - you must do what you feel is right [...]

An Open Letter to Loud Talkers

October 27, 2011 Dear morons at the table next to me at Wendy's today, I am SURE everyone in your general area is as challenged and refreshed by your unique point of view as I am, which is NOT AT ALL. I don't know your friend "Gallagher" personally, nor have I seen his Facebook pictures. I am sure you find it amusing he looks like Paul Blart: Mall Cop aka Kevin James, but I am not sure he would share that opinion nor be flattered at this notion. Thanks to your lack of volume control, I now know TOO MUCH [...]

What the Love of a Good Man Will Do

A new post by my friend, Jeni Bullis. Sheesh, this woman challenges me to be a better person every single day. It is really almost annoying me how awesome she is. HA! LOVE YOU JENI! It was a beautiful spring day and I was headed home after a long day.  I had just been visiting a little with my friend Dan and I was going back over the conversation in my head (a practice I still do incessantly with every conversation).  In the blink of an eye, the Lord spoke to me.   It wasn’t a voice.  It wasn’t a feeling.  [...]

When I Grow Up…

Every couple of years, I grow dissatisfied and then for months toss around potential career moves. There was the time I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then there was the time I wanted to be a dental hygienist. Then I realized I'd have to touch people. Then there was the time I wanted to be a cosmetologist. Then I realized I'd have to touch people. Ew. Then there was the time I wanted to be a flight attendant. Then I remembered I get motion sickness. Ew. Then there was the time I could not even get hired [...]

Acting in Community Theater

One of my dreams has been to do theater, and I have a chance to do so. Growing up in the Bay Area, my dad took me to local theater company productions to support friends of his. He also wrote and directed all of our church productions - which is where my experience comes from. Every time I see a play, I wish I was IN it! I finally stopped talking about doing this "someday" and I actually stepped out, and I'm DOING IT! My journey to this production started over a month ago when I went to an [...]

Tips for the Ladies

Today's post is by my best-good-friend, KirstinHarris. You can follow Kirs on twitter @KirstinHarris. I have been with my husband for 11 years and our 10th anniversary is coming up in December. I don't proclaim to have all the answers, but I know what has worked for me. I'm going to refer to husbands here, but this applies to boyfriends or finances as well. I have 2 tips for you ladies out there, things that drive me crazy, so listen up: Tip #1 Ladies, your husband CANNOT READ YOUR MIND!!!! Shocking I know, but it's true. If your man says something that [...]

Arrgh! Sometimes I Feel Like Being a Pirate

Before you read this, you may want to start here for how this whole pirate madness came to be. My friend Kirs came to town for a couple of weeks on business, and when her husband flew in to join her, we decided to get dressed up to greet him at the airport. Let's not discuss WHY I have enough pirate-esque attire to dress a small group of scallywags for a swashbuckling good time, or the fact I was heartbroken over my beyond repair bedazzled eyepatch. As we got dressed, Kirs called to her 4-year-old daughter, Addison. "Honey, you wanna [...]

The Truth About Love

Welcome to a new post by dear friend, Jeni Bullis. Jeni challenges me in my faith, which is why she is a contributor here on my blog. Read this with tissue in hand!  “I didn’t know this when I was your age, son” I said.  A look of sadness and surprise flickered in his eyes.  “Why Mom?” he asked implying a second question…How can that be?  "Well, no one ever told me that.”  I replied. I had just finished telling him for the umpteenth time how much God adores him, knows everything about him, and has amazing things planned for him.   When we [...]

If I Were A Thief…

Last October, my friend and I breezed over to a costume shop with her 4 year old daughter in tow. We walked in and were greeted very strangely by a dude that worked there. He then proceeded to watch our every move closely, standing nearby. My friend went to go try on a costume. The attendant made her remove the costume from its package in front of her and kept the package and the costume's accessories because "teenage girls have been stealing this stuff". Once my friend had gotten changed, she sent her daughter to come get me so I could give [...]

Compliments From Strangers

I am afraid this may be a crazy-woman-talk type thing today as I don't think guys are bothered/affected by this the way we women are. In fact, men don't really compliment each other. That would be unmanly. "Hey, bruh. Nice jeans." Yeah, I don't think that happens. Why is it that women seem to hold more value in the compliments from strangers as opposed to loved ones? If my mother says I am beautiful, shouldn't that mean more to me than the server at a restaurant telling me that? Or, someone I am unacquainted with telling me I am a good singer [...]