Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Showing Up

I was driving down the road, running my errands on Saturday, when I got a nosebleed. I bled like someone really bopped me in the face. I turned around and headed home. Covered in blood. Car looking like a crime scene. This was not what I planned for my day, being that I planned to attend an audition. I got myself cleaned up, changed my clothes, and I felt REALLY down. As with all auditions, I go expecting absolutely nothing and go for the pure joy of the experience and give it everything I have. I know it sounds dumb, but [...]

Too Friendly

I had an incident recently where I was hit on. If you had been there at the scene of said incident, you would understand that I am relaying this out of pure comedy and not in any way bragging. No, he was not cute. Yes, he was inebriated. No, I am not flattered. Yes, he was disgusting . This man said to me, "I noticed you immediately when you walked into the room. You are a BEAUTIFUL, full-figured woman." I will cut off his portion of the dialogue there as it is highly inappropriate. You know if it's inappropriate to [...]