Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Love Thy Neighbor

We moved to a new neighborhood just 8 months ago. When the moving truck pulled up, it was like a bat signal to neighbors, and one by one they came over and introduced themselves. One set of neighbors in particular I am quite fond of. We teased our neighbor this weekend because, I kid you not, he washes his cars a couple of times per week. He is meticulous. I admire it, as my car is just slightly better than an episode of Hoarders. We told him that we thought he was a serial killer, and that's why he needed [...]

Living Out Loud

I love my acting class. I am only in week 2, and I feel like my brain is on fire. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life, and that is how I know I am in the right place. Last night, my teacher said something about me and a couple of my classmates. She named us off and told the class to watch us and learn from our mistakes because we "live out loud". I am unafraid to make mistakes in this class because I have accepted the fact I am GOING TO. Thus, my guard is down [...]

Success & Failure

Here's the deal, success & failure are somewhat subjective.  There are those who don't believe in failure, siting that if you learned a lesson from a given experience, than it wasn't a failure. While others see failure as not gaining their desired result of an action. Think of a brilliant moment in your life. Maybe when you were a star football player or a corporate bigshot. Now, think of the lowest point of your life; a time you really blew it. I submit to you, whether it's a room of trophies or a devastating divorce; do NOT hang your hat on EITHER of [...]

Acting Up

I started taking an acting class this week. Consider my mind...BLOWN. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. But I believe this class is going to make me a better actor, so I am giving this all I've got. What made me look into education? Well, I want this to be my career, and not a just a hobby. I want to be great at it. When I fell in love with David, I was absolutely lovesick. Butterflies. I could not eat (and I looked FABULOUS btw! I sorta miss those days! lol!). I couldn't sleep. I wanted [...]