May 2012


Friends, you know those Mondays where you think you should just stay in bed? Well, today was that day for me. I should have gone with my instinct here. My day started off rough. Not feeling great and I have a nosebleed. I know, what am I? 5 or something? Ugh. Things have been extraordinarily busy in the Conlee home, and I scrambled to get ready for work while trying to tidy up a bit. In that process, I grabbed the leftover muffins from a work retreat over the weekend to share at the church office, but left my keys on the kitchen counter. I proceeded to lock myself out of the house. I had to call David to come let me in. Thankfully he was home still. I set off to work. Flustered already. However, I am MINDFUL of the speed limit as there are not only tons of kids…