Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Many Firsts

When you fall in love, there's butterflies. First date. First kiss. First time you say "I love you". First argument. First time being wrong. JK! One of the things I've loved about my boys is all the firsts we get to do together. It truly is like falling in love all over again. The first time we met. First night at home. First explosive diaper. First bath. First time at church. First trip to the zoo. First time they pitched a fit on a walk in their stroller & I waved to onlookers & said, "parent of the year coming thru!" [...]

This Changes Everything

This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. And I'm not even the Fresh Prince. Yes, I just quoted the Fresh Prince theme song. Deal with it.  David is gone a lot for his job. That is just the reality of it. Especially during summer months. But the boys have changed EVERYTHING. So we are navigating this one trip at a time.  Levi was pretty playful from the beginning. Wyatt leaned more toward the serious. He was sullen. A thinker. A feeler. Levi gave affection rather quickly, but Wyatt took some time.  Three weeks after their [...]

Love at First Sight

After about a week of meetings & learning the boys' routine inside & out, we met the boys in their home for the first time. They were shy. At first. Levi turned around with a crooked smile. His back was to us. He was perched atop a rideable toy car, looking out the window. I don't know what came over me, but I got on my feet, ran out the door & jumped in front of that window. He laughed so hard & we began the most unforgettable game of hide & seek of my life. When I came back [...]

Blog Resurrection/Diary Of An Instamom

Like a Phoenix, my blog is rising from the ashes to take flight again. It's purpose, you say? To serve as a creative outlet & tell my story which frankly, got way more interesting as of late. I lost my job September 2013, then embarked with my husband later that Fall on a 6 week sabbatical which concluded with the trip of my dreams to Paris. It was magical. Then the trip was over. We wanted a family. I needed a job. I hadn't done any acting in about 6 months. Something needed to give or I was gonna lose [...]