April 2015


It’s my first Easter with my boys. I may have gotten them outfits that match their dad. #sorrynotsorryEverything looks like a failure in the middle. Even the cross did. Jesus’ crucifixion was the most brutal of deaths. The 3 days that followed were the darkest in history. Then, He rose. Triumphantly. Victorious. Undefeated. Alive. Because of His love, He died for me. Because He is risen, I have new life. Because of His grace, I have an abundant life. Everything I have is because of the cross. So, as I dress my family up this weekend, hunt for eggs & load my kids up on sugar – make no mistake; Jesus is the center of it. These might be seemingly superficial things, but they’re beautiful memories in the making all because of my God. Friends, Happy Easter. Whatever your family traditions are, soak in every moment. Live. Because He lives.