May 2015


If you don’t have kids, your life has meaning & purpose. If you can’t have kids, your life has meaning & purpose. Whether you’ve chosen childlessness or not – your life has meaning & purpose. So, hold your head high. You are complete. Finally getting my long-awaited children didn’t make me better than anyone. It made me different. So, if you feel excluded from the club, I’m sorry. There’s no secret meeting. There’s no handshake. And if it makes you feel any better at all – I’m still a total misfit. You don’t have to go to any baby showers unless you want to. BE FREE! Your life has meaning & purpose.

When you adopt a toddler, you’re getting them at possibly the busiest time of development in life. No more pacifiers. No more blankies. No more diapers (except at night time – for now). From daycare to preschool. 4 shoe sizes. Yes, that’s right. FOUR. Now, multiply all of that by TWO. At some point, almost every day is filled with tears. Sometimes from exhaustion, but mostly from joy. I’m experiencing a joy I never thought would be possible. Not to mention a level of love I didn’t know existed. It has rocked my faith & changed my view on life. How much did God love us to give us His son? I cannot fathom. For me, it’s a new layer of faith. Seeing a new side of God – a deeper meaning of who He is. Further proof of His mystery & adventurous, wild heart. I drive a mini-van. That’s…