Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Don't Let Me Borrow Anything

Wonderful people from church helped me with meals for the first week or 2 we had the boys.  A dear friend came after we'd had the boys a while & brought a delicious dinner & ate with us. We enjoyed the delicious leftovers. When we had consumed all of the deliciousness, I set aside the dishes to return to her.  This same friend had also given me 2 books to read - which I'd never got around to reading.  In a nutshell, it was time to return these dishes (which had also survived a move) & books.  When she took [...]


My friend's uncle is an actor (really good one, at that) & she got us tickets to see his latest show at the Lakewood Theatre Company. (I've auditioned there several times. But I guess I could say that about almost every company in town.) I haven't done any acting or standup in 2 years. Call it burnout. I needed to regroup & re-prioritize my life. Now, I'm a mom. My schedule isn't conducive for a theatre gig.  But I'm completely ok with that. I'm not missing out on anything. I love every moment with my family.  As I was sitting [...]

Playroom Battlefield

My kids have too much stuff. So much in fact that things don't get played with. I've tried organizing in bins & baskets but those get dumped out. So, I went through & cleaned out some stuff. Mind you, the play room is still FULL. LJ walks in the play room sometime after his nap when I had done the first round of the Toy Haul 2015. He stood there, looking around. Toys were strung all over - it looked like a battlefield, as if Mattel & Fisher Price had waged a war against each other to fight boredom. (I war [...]

Today's Face

   Today (or tonight) I'm beginning a new series called Wake Up to Make-Up Wednesday. (Better late than never, right?) As you can see, I use everything from Anastasia to NYX. You don't have to spend a fortune to look like a million.  For day time, especially during the summer, I prefer a softer look & avoid dark shadows & heavy eyeliner. I opt for a brown or gray shadow around my water line in lieu of eyeliner applied with a smudge brush. I like to pair a soft eye palette with a bold lip. I love red lips for [...]

Passing Through

I think Winston Churchill said it best, "If you're going through hell, keep going." Confession: I've let emotions rule me for about 6 months. A door closed for me & it stung. I have not been taking negative thoughts captive & have wallowed in my disappointment.  Failure. Disappointment. Rejection. Shame. Guilt. These are a few examples of battlefields in which a war for your soul is waged upon. These things are part of life. They're a certainty, like death & taxes.  Where WE have the power is in our response. Many people allow these things to take root, and it's [...]

Fat Camp

I wish I could go to fat camp for adults. I'd hunker down, work out, get lots of rest & eat healthy.  But I live in the real world. Toddlers keep me up at night, sometimes my food budget affects my food choices, & I make it to the gym 1-2 times per week instead of the 3-4 times that I'd like.  For several weeks, I was diligent with diet & exercise. I lost 1 pound. ONE. I was so mad. For the past 5 days, I haven't eaten so great. And I lost 1 pound. ONE. So I basically [...]