October 2015


I love art. ALL art. Words. Music. Performance. Canvas. Paper. Print. Digital. Film. Design. Makeup. Stage. Screen. I love artists. I love their perspective – even when vastly different of my own. I am always challenged in some way because art is a catalyst for change. P Embrace what you perceive as your mediocrity. Tell your story. Art is confession. (I stole this/am paraphrasing from a local artist I heard speak tonight!) I used to love social media. Mostly because I wanted to use it as a platform to make people laugh. Lately I find myself calling it names like Fakebook, Vaguebook, Instasham, Quitter, Stumbler & Unrealistic Expectations (Pinteresr). Why all the name calling? Because none of it is real. We post mere highlight reels of our lives. None of it is a full view. It’s the image we want to project for the world. I’m guessing we’ve all said…

I’m finding my issues have a common thread: I’m always on the lookout for a shortcut. Whuch back roads can I take to get somewhere quicker? How can I lose 90 lbs in 3 months? (Celery & Ex-lax?) If I stuff the washer, will I get more laundry done? You see where this is going? I’m guessing this is pretty common. Take the best route. Put in the hard work. Give it time. (I was whining to my friend earlier about stuff & she told me to wait.) Waiting makes me want to rip my eyelashes out one at a time. But there are no shortcuts in life. If there was, I’d have found it! So, wait I must. Dreams may change/evolve/grow but they also don’t have expiration dates.

Tonight, I uttered words I never thought would come out of my mouth. It all started like most unrealistic expectations: with Pinterest. I set out to make baked Brie. You see, I’d had it at a Christmas party roughly a decade ago & thought about it ever since. (I wish I was joking.) I thought I’d try to make a delicious treat for our small group from church to make up for my being an inappropriate Pastor’s wife. As I pulled out ingredients from my fridge, I realized there was no Brie. Panicked, I ran to the store during rush hour. I walked in to the store to find empty shelves as this particular chain of stores over-expanded & is now going out of business almost as quickly as they were acquired. There was not even a small wedge of Brie goodness. And that’s when it happened. I thought, “I’m…

Historically, I’m in a panic every weekend to come up with family activities. I like to keep my littles busy or they go crazy. Not to mention that my spouse gets cabin fever. Today was different though. When the boys came in our room early this morning, we put on a cartoon & cuddled. We made our way downstairs, I made waffles, we played & cleaned house. I made boys lunch, then off to nap we went. This evening, we painted & carved pumpkins, I made dinner, then made the boys their favorite hot chocolate with whipped cream & sprinkles. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I didn’t feel like a cruise director. It was simple. We were just being. It feels like we’ve found our rhythm as a family. What is better than that?

I did something different today! I visited dear friend & amazing makeup artist, Kim King, to visit & get a fresh fall look. If you’re in the Portland area – highly recommend her! You will feel comfortable & leave her chair confident. So make an appointment for your next special event, photo shoot – or for a fresh fall look. Good makeup is like a push up bra for your confidence. #nofilter Check out Kim King Makeup! (Love you, Kim!)