I’m finding my issues have a common thread: I’m always on the lookout for a shortcut. 

  • Whuch back roads can I take to get somewhere quicker? 
  • How can I lose 90 lbs in 3 months? (Celery & Ex-lax?)
  • If I stuff the washer, will I get more laundry done? 

You see where this is going? I’m guessing this is pretty common. 

  • Take the best route.
  • Put in the hard work.
  • Give it time. (I was whining to my friend earlier about stuff & she told me to wait.) 

Waiting makes me want to rip my eyelashes out one at a time. But there are no shortcuts in life. If there was, I’d have found it! So, wait I must. Dreams may change/evolve/grow but they also don’t have expiration dates. 


Textbook extrovert. If there’s a stage, Jenny wants to be on it; whether it’s singing in church, doing stand-up comedy or acting. She has recently joined a cult called LuLaRoe. Her husband, David, is deeply concerned. Jenny and David, a pastor, are recently celebrating eighteen years of marriage. After years of infertility, they became adoptive parents of two year old twin boys in 2014. They’ve never been happier or more exhausted. Every day is an adventure. Jenny blogs at thefivestages.wordpress.com and has a regular feature in Tualatin Life newspaper called Everyday Heroes to celebrate those serving our community. She and her husband started a clothing line based on their story and you can check it out at bottlecapbadge.com. There’s nothing we can’t do with a little bit of love and a whole lot of caffeine.

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