Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Gotcha Day!

Happy New Year's Eve, or as I call it, "Gotcha Day"! "Gotcha Day" is a phrase coined in the adoption community for the day your children become signed, sealed, delivered & yours. Legally. Forever. On December 31, 2014, we scurried downtown Portland to a courthouse. Our family & lawyer met us in a small courtroom where we were warmly greeted by a judge & her staff. They had even gotten donuts & plush toys for the boys. The judge read a poem & we signed papers making the adoption official. Months of paperwork, social worker visits, a home study, emails [...]

Deep (for me) Thoughts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Even though I've had the worst flu I've ever experienced, it was one of the best Christmases of my life. Something about the boys coming down our stairs in excitement to open prezies. The way they appreciate everything but mostly that they love the extended time together. It just blesses my socks off. I cried a lot.  Now Christmas is over - it's onto New Years! Does anyone have any traditions for New Years?  Something hit me today as I began reading through social media feeds. All resolutions have a common thread: mind [...]

Countdown to Christmas: It's Here!

 Merry Christmas from our crew!    We are in love with our family pictures done by friend & teacher Tiffany Redwing. Like her Facebook page! Christmas at home this year has been wonderful - even though I have had the flu. I love watching the boys open prezies & I love how they appreciate things. Mostly, they enjoy the time together as a family. Also, I thought you may enjoy this raw footage from a video David made for church. He interviewed a bunch of kids & included ours. Merry Christmas from Levi & Wyatt!   [wpvideo CdCY89uk]   [wpvideo V51mdTyg]  Best. [...]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 24

Wow. December 24 is here already. Hard to believe. I'm no historian, but I did a little bit of research. Not sure how much of the following is true - but I wanted to share because their are nuggets of truth & something we can all glean from it. I talk a lot about the song O Holy Night because I am moved by it every time I hear it. Not bad for a song written 168 years ago in 1847! Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure was the commissionaire of wines and a poet in a small French town. He was [...]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 23

I once split my pants while dancing to Santa Claus is Coming to Town at a youth group event just minutes before leading worship. Then, I wrapped myself in gift wrap (starting a gift wrap dress tradition I would continue for the next several years). It was embarrassing but I owned it. Do you have a favorite embarrassing holiday story? 

Countdown to Christmas: Day 22

I'm pretty emotional lately. Christmas has a way of making me slow down, take stock & focus on what matters. Of course, that happens AFTER I was stressing over lame stuff. Nevermind that! I have laser-like focus on what matters most!  While wrapping presents & labeling them, "to Levi & Wyatt from mom & dad", it felt surreal. I haven't written anything that sweet since I started signing my name "Mrs. Conlee".  Years of prayers & tears of heartbreak are fulfilled in the names of the 2 most special boys I've ever known. I get to be their mom. And [...]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 21

Last night, our church put on a great program for the entire family. My sweet boys got to see their dad front & center stage for the first time. Their eyes lit up. They were so proud, and their father was moved by their adoration. I heard my Levi pray - completely unprompted by me.  I sat there, with Levi on my lap & Wyatt clinging to my arm during the song Joy to the World. This verse hit me like a ton of bricks: He rules the world With truth & grace And makes the nations prove The glories [...]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 20

I got the fever. The STAR WARS fever, baby. Rest assured, this blog contains zero spoilers. I love the franchise. I know that Episode 1-3 is not anyone's fav, but it had some good moments. It just doesn't capture your heart & imagination like the original trilogy.  Today, as I watched Star Wars: the Force Awakens, I found myself 

Countdown to Christmas: Day 19

December 19 is a very special day. It's my dad's birthday.  I've always thought it sucked for him to have a birthday so close to Christmas, so I try to make it special for him - because he is so special to me.  We have a dinner & a movie tradition for his birthday. He gets to pick the film. Not going to lie - he's picked a few stinkers that shall go unarmed. However, the rule regarding the birthday movie is we can't give him a bad time in the event it's bad. You know, it's part of the [...]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 18

I took my mom to get her eyebrows re-done where I got mine tattooed & also got my touch up (I go every 2 years, so this was my 4th visit!) I love these people. (Mom getting her brows tattooed & mine after completion of touch up.) I get asked often about the process. It's pretty simple. You get a numbing cream on your brow area & it takes about 30 minutes to kick in. Then, the artist mixes a blend of colors of specially formulated ink for your face to create the ideal shade. The process takes about 90 [...]