Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

About Marlene

Marlene is the closest you can get to having a legit fairy Godmother. She is not only a daycare director - she is my partner in education. She helps me and our boys' teachers stay on the same page, building a bridge of continuity between school and home. It is a relief and blessing to know the same things are being taught and home and school, and that my children are not only loved but told about God's great love for them. She is an encourager. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like a hot mess, [...]

Clean House, Mean Mom

Trying to clean your house with your kids home is like eating Oreos then chewing a piece of gum. If you don't have Oreos, ho-ho's make a suitable replacement for the metaphor. The words, "Stop! I just cleaned all of that up!", were as ridiculous as they were pointless. My words fell on deaf ears and were drowned out by the harmony of their laughter. I hated matching socks before, but now my laundry is full of all these little people socks. Then I roll them and think of how glad I am I have these little socks to roll. [...]

About Lois

I could brag about Lois Haag's kindness to my family all day. How she brought meals during our crazy unexpected arrival of toddler twin boys. How she can make even meatloaf taste good. How she is always quick to send a word of encouragement when I need it most - when she has no idea what is even happening in my head or heart. How she always invites us to her home for holidays to make sure we have somewhere to be. Lois is family. Lois also spends countless hours doing costuming for Tualatin High School's yearly (HUGE) productions. She's [...]

Pondering Tulips

Weekends are weird. I just about finish cleaning up breakfast and it's almost time to start making lunch! It was during the post-breakfast dishwashing extravaganza I stared at the bouquet of tulips in front of the sink and kitchen window and my mind wandered. You see, the tulips were part of an Easter gift to me from the birth mother of my children. They have opened up, letting in light and reminding me that life is full of the unexpected.  Embrace your season. Watch your life bloom.

Daylight Savings Is Evil

Daylight savings is the enemy of those with small children, like myself. Spring forward is basically Lord Tyrone in the movie Princess Bride. It makes me feel like Wesley hooked up to the torture machine.    What a jerk. But at least you know he's a jerk. Fall back is even more misleading. It tricks you into thinking you gained something. Wrong! What you just got is an extra hour of work! Your children don't care that it's now 6am, because to them it's 7am. BOO! Fall back is your Frienemy. And best of luck changing the clock in your [...]

Q&A with Toni Suittie of Integrity Casting

First, before I get to the good stuff, let me tell you a bit about my experience with Toni. When I started pursuing acting, my husband referred me to a wonderful woman who was once his Sunday school teacher who happens to be a casting director. I connected with her via social media and she was incredibly kind. I ordered her book Slate Please on Amazon and just kept plugging away. Well, she started following me on social media and reading my blog and offered me a spot in her mentee program through Integrity Casting. I only did the program for [...]

37 Reasons I'm Grateful At 37

I've been 37 for almost a week. Here are a few thoughts on why I'm grateful to be 37. I'm sure I have more than 37 things to be grateful for, but here they are in no particular order: 1. My mom & dad are so bomb. They're so youthful, healthy & fun. They're still parenting me! 2. My husband. You are God's most perfect gift to me. 3. My children. The fact I even have children. You were worth the wait and heartbreak. Every day with you is God's reminder to me that all things ARE possible. 4. My [...]

When Tragedy Strikes

How we react to crisis can be revealing. I opened a box of cake mix before checking to see if I had all the ingredients. I KNEW we had eggs. I looked. There were no eggs. I lost my ever-loving mind. My husband offered to run to the store. I threw a tantrum that you'd normally see my kids throw on a bad day. I dumped the bowl of mix into a ziplock bag, mumbled something about how I never do anything right and stuffed it back into its box and into the pantry, slamming the cabinet. Maybe I don't [...]