Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Bikini Moms

Ok, so I have a problem. Seeing half naked people at the water park while celebrating the boys' 4th birthday was so uncomfortable. There's just so much flesh! And I don't enjoy it. I blame my radically modest Pentecostal upbringing.  What I found most shocking? Bikini moms. They came in all shapes & sizes & were all beautiful - so I applaud them. I mean, how do they have time for those abs? Dang! However, seeing all their cash & prizes felt awkward. I mean, this was an indoor aquatic part in the northwest, not a beach in Hawaii. With [...]

About Karen

I worked with Karen Russell at the church office for 6 years.  Since I moved on 3 years ago, I still miss seeing her every day. I sometimes worry that this woman will never know what she means to me - so I am going to try and express that in this post. Karen is a genius. She looks for creative solutions without dwelling on the problem. She is kind without being a pushover. She is logical. She is strong, but never cold. She is warm and loving. She cares about people and puts them first. She takes excellent care of [...]

Support the Dreamers

As a dreamer, I have an obligation - a calling, to support fellow dreamers. I came upon this meme one day.It made me think: what more can I do? I buy products as budget allows, but then I began to think of ways I could promote all of these amazing people I know. So, here is my shameless promotion of goods and services provided by some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I have created categories below. Please peruse and help support people who hustle to provide for their families and to make their dreams a reality. [...]

About Emily

What can I tell you about Emily? Frankly, not much. Or I'd have to kill you. Also, the woman has way too much dirt on me. We met around 2006 when we were both working at a church office. We have a ridiculous amount of things in common except this: she was fertile Myrtle and I was barron Betty. I joked that we were the same person but in alternate universes. Emily and I were asked to speak at a camp for elementary age girls. I knew she would be great, so I agreed. That woman can talk me into [...]

Dear Jesus (Levi's Prayer)

I told my boys that ALL GOOD THINGS come from God. So, Levi's prayers at bedtime go something like this: Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day. Thank you for my family and my friends. Thank you for the bugs that fly. Thank you for the bugs that don't fly. Thank you for the mountains. Thank you for the doors. Thank you for the handles. Thank you for the houses. Thank you for the beds. Thank you for the pictures. Thank you for the mommies. Thank you for the daddies.  Thank you for the hair. In Jesus name, AMEN!

About Kirstin

Kirstin is the missing part of me I didn't know was missing until I met her. I adore her. Yes, I'm basically saying she completes me. Don't make it weird. Kirstin and I became friends around 2005 when we were both singing in Christmas Choir at our church.  She was convinced our husbands would be good friends. I told her she was dreaming. But I was wrong. John is a great friend, and it's a blessing to a wife when someone is good to your spouse.  After we became youth pastors (again) in 2006, we somehow convinced her and her [...]

Country vs Rap/Hip Hop

I love music. I love all genres. Truly. I enjoy a bit of everything. My taste leans toward pop, but I love it all. Have you ever noticed how country songs and hip hop are pretty much about the same stuff? I could argue that Johnny Cash, the man in black, was a true OG.  You can find these themes in common between the 2 genres: Drinking Smoking Cheating Murder Money Hookers Pimps Sex Liars Gangsters Drugs Guns Add a trailer & a 3-legged dog & you got yourself a country song. Remove those things, you have rap. 

Secrets of the Sequoias

I love trees. As a high school student, trees often made up many of my drawings and photography class assignments. I'm not particularly outdoorsy, so this may be a surprise to you! Let's marvel at the majestic sequoia redwood groves. These 350 foot tall beauties sing a song of how beautiful God makes things. What's even more interesting is how shallow their roots are. They are only 5 or 6 feet deep, but spread out about 100 feet, intertwining with the roots of the other redwoods. They are huddled together in a sacred pact. They would die without each other. [...]

About Steve

Ok, so I say this is about Steve...but it's really about a family; the Glavan family. We landed at Grace Community Church (now Horizon Community Church) in the fall of 2004. It was the only place my husband felt safe to open up his heart to the Lord again. Me? It was not my favorite. I preferred smaller gatherings. Also, I never thought I'd have opportunity to sing in a large church and music is very near to my heart and I believe it is a part of my calling. I was less than enthusiastic about attending. One Sunday, David [...]