Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Doing Life Together

   We were not created to live life alone. Simply look in the Garden, and note that God made Eve for Adam. We were LITERALLY made for each other; to do life together. Imagine if God had made Eve first. She would have been the world's first cat lady. Women find a way to achieve companionship! Women are like mirrors to each other. It's like a nightmare-ish funhouse maze. Some give you a reflection of yourself tall and thin, others short and stout. What if instead of projecting the reflection of what we think of the other person, we did [...]

Getting Started: Finding/Being a Mentor

Finding a mentor is essential for your personal growth. However, it's difficult to find one. It's even more difficult to find time. I mean, who has that kind of time?! I think it is key to leverage your time. For example: you need to go grocery shopping? Take a young lady with you. One of Beth's suggestions in our very first Facebook live coffee chat was to do a service project together. What a great idea! (Beth wrote a recap of our coffee chat - check that out too!) The truth is, you already know at least three women who [...]

Winsor Wisdom: Stuff I Learned From Pop

My pop is the coolest guy I know. He is hilarious. Here are just a few nuggests from the man I call "Winsor". He's the greatest dad in the world. About men: They're only kidding unless you say "yes". About supporting (giving money) Missionaries: 'Cause if we don't give, then God will send US! About makeup: Only bimbos put makeup on while driving. After the worst date ever: Every pretty girl has geek duty at least once. It keeps you humble and prevents you from becoming a snob. About my math homework when I was 12: You gotta think outside the [...]

We Are More

I was thinking about fire extinguishers. How you have to use a certain type to put out various fires. For example, you wouldn't use a water extinguisher on a stove top grease fire. Water only spreads the flames and can cause something small to go wild and out of control. What you must use is a dry chemical extinguisher. It uses a foam or dry powder with a nitrogen propellant. It is effective because it smothers the flames completely. Our world is ablaze with hatred. The only thing that can extinguish it is love. Here is my request, dear friends. [...]

Flowers in Your Hair and Rings on Your Fingers

Hi! We’re Jenny and Beth. You may think we have our act completely together since we’re starting to blog on mentoring. We’re more like you than you may think. Do you walk into a room and forget why you entered it? Do you start a new diet every Monday morning and it's the longest four hours of your life? Ever look for your sunglasses and they're sitting atop your head? Do you long for deeper relationships? If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, you're in the right place. We are just a couple of ladies exploring topics, searching [...]

Announcing! A New Series Coming Soon

Coming soon to a blog (mine) near you! A Journey with Beth & Jenny: Like Flowers In Your Hair & Rings On Your Fingers I've been in the ministry most of life. As a young person, an associate Pastor's kid growing up in a small church, I had many caring adults who rallied around me. They loved me, encouraged me and several key people mentored me. Those people made a lasting impact on my life and helped shape who I became. As a youth Pastor's wife of almost two decades, I've had many wonderful opportunities to not only speak into [...]