Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Balance, Seasons & Your Hairy Big Toe

I asked Beth to blog about balance. Does such a thing exist? Yes...and no. You see, there are also these things called seasons.   My role in ministry especially has always changed seasonally. That is due to needs of our family, jobs, becoming parents, my creative projects (if I was busy doing comedy or a show) etc. There's this thing called LIFE. And it happens regardless of how busy or tired you are. So, some seasons are as smooth as your big toe during sandal season. (You know, cuz you shave it. Duh. And if you don't, you need to.) Some [...]

Trust Matters

I had a request to do a post about trust. Trust is a small but powerful word. How can so few letters mean something so BIG? And - what KIND of trust are we talkin' here? Trust in God? Trust in our spouse? Trust in your four year old's ability to not pick his nose today? Trust that your vehicle will get you to work safely and on time? No matter what area, trust is rooted in relationship and established with our most important commodity - TIME. This would explain why the people you trust most are likely those you've known the [...]

Let's Talk About Sex

I told Beth we should do a sex talk. I thought for my blog, the witty repartee would basically write itself. Sex jokes are comedic currency, people! I found myself with severe writer's block. Then, I read Beth's notes. I was so moved. So I'm going to talk about my sex life. KIDDING! Calm down, geez.  A former middle school student, now in her twenties, recently recalled a talk David & I did many years ago. We did a Q&A where students could anonymously text their questions - & those questions appeared on the big screen. As you could imagine, [...]

Showing Up

   So, I'm dieting. Again. And it sucks. It's really awful, you guys. The withdrawals I'm experiencing are painful. There are health issues that need to be addressed - so this isn't only about weight loss. This is so I can live longer. This is about seeing my grandkids someday.My failure in this area of my life is well documented through the miracle of the Internet in the form of social media. I've done this to myself several times with success, but I've yet to achieve change that lasts longer than 3 years.  And if one more skinny person who's [...]