Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Stop Being A Miserable Cow

Why is her hair that color? Why does she dress that way? Why do her kids act like they were fed raw sugar for breakfast? Has she put on weight? Is she going on vacation? Must be nice. Women, we are so hard on each other. Isn't life hard enough without getting caught in a trap of comparison and judgement? And don't be fake. You don't have to be friends with everyone - but you DO need to be kind. Stop being a miserable cow. Life is not a competition. We are in this together whether we like it or [...]

God Wants to Wreck Your Day

I am certain most of us (maybe it's just the women?) have a mental list of things we need to do each day. Mine seems to be never-ending. Get kids dressed and fed. Water that bamboo plant on your desk your boss's wife gave you so you don't look like you can't keep things alive, even though it looks like it's seen better days. Try not to forget mascara or deodorant  - because, frankly, I need both to feel human and less insecure. Figure out what's for dinner. Cook said dinner. Fight with at least one child during dinner regarding whether they [...]

Pursuing Your Dreams 

First of all, dreams suck. But we'll come back to that. The Olympics are a great time to discuss dreams. Because the Olympics aren't about sports, it's about the human spirit. Anyone else inspired by these super humans from all over the globe? When I became friends with David Conlee, he shared with me about his dream. I'd never known anyone who could dream as big as David Conlee. And I immediately wanted to be a part of that dream. He was willing to share that dream but he told me I had to find my own dream - that [...]

Lonely Season

I created a survey to engage readers more as I want to address topics people are facing. One survey taker suggested a blog on loneliness. So, my dear friend, this post is for you. It struck a cord in us. Everyone experiences loneliness. The trouble lies in what causes it. It's important to look at the circumstances that lead to your isolation, resulting in the horrible black pit of loneliness.  I can point to 3 circumstances that were the threshold into the loneliest seasons of my adult life.  1. When we left ministry.  We left a church back in 2002. [...]

Princess Probs

Look, we all have problems. Even Disney Princesses have problems. And they don't always handle it so well.  1. Snow White: When it comes to fight or flight, Snowy is definitely FLIGHT. I guess if someone is trying to kill you, running is probably a good idea. But you can't always run from your problems, can you? Now you're living in a shack with 7 dudes and singing to woodland creatures and waiting for a prince to come save you.  2. Sleeping Beauty: Wake up, ok? Face the truth. You live in a shack with 3 fairies and like Snow, [...]