Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Goodbye, Uncle Garry: A Tribute

Garry Moore 10/14/53-12/23/16 Uncle Garry was a fantastic uncle. When I was a kid, he made me laugh and we did puzzles and watched Mystery Science Theater 3000. I think we may have stayed up until 2am once watching The Sound of Music whilst making up alternative lyrics and laughing until we cried. He was a comic book nerd and I loved Spider-Man. So, gifts were often superhero themed. His quirky and dry humor brought light to our lives. As a teenager, he encouraged me in acting in church plays and singing in church. Even as an adult, he was [...]

Kindness: Fruit of the Spirit #5

Kindness costs nothing to give, but means everything to the person who receives it.  My friend Adriana said her favorite random act of kindness is to return people's shopping carts for them to the cart return. She said it was because it was something she hated doing, so she wanted to spare others from having to do so. She thought it was a small thing - but I think it is a rather big deal. This seemingly small act of kindness is revealing of one's heart. And I want that heart; the one who serves strangers without anything in return. [...]

Christmas Music 2016

A couple years ago, my friend Alex came over and laid down some guitar tracks for me to sing along and record later as time allowed (after boys went to bed). We called it Acoustic Christmas.  This year, Alex had the idea to record video instead and also pull her brother Ryan in on the fun. I have known these 2 wonderful people for a decade. We were their youth pastors. It is humbling that they not only are my friends as adults, but that they are such a source of encouragement for me. I adore them. (They also worked [...]

Patience: Fruit of the Spirit #4

Parenting has taught me more about God the Father than I ever could have imagined. I feel like He is constantly revealing Himself to me in new ways through my kids. One of the not-so-subtle things He's shown me is patience.  While I may tap my foot in front of the microwave or lose my cool with my 4 year old because he removed his shoes & socks for a 5th time while yelling "something's wrong! These are not the little socks!", I've started to scratch the surface on how patient the Father is. I mean, He MADE us. Then [...]

Peace of My Mind: Fruit of the Spirit #3

Peace. It's one of those things that you don't fully appreciate until you've lost it for a season. Peace is likely the most underrated of the fruits of the Spirit that we're talking about in this series for that fact alone.  I don't believe the opposite of peace is conflict. I have found peace that passes understanding amidst the storms of life. To me, the opposite of peace lies in unforgiveness.  Nothing robs you blind of your peace the way unforgiveness does. It can burrow deep into your heart and settle there if unchecked for too long. Many years ago [...]