Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Biblical Babes & Baby Mamas

Imagine if the inner most private details of your life were made public; splashed on the internet, news stands, E! Television and the latest View or the Talk or whatever the latest gossip show is. Imagine that bikini pic from '98 posted on Instagram. Or that private Snapchat someone took a screenshot of. Things you thought you did in secret EXPOSED on the latest Dr. Phil. Well, that's basically what it's like for women of the Bible. We read all of their failures, accomplishments, lies, affairs and tragedies. The Karshashians have nothing on these gals. Beth & I are excited [...]

A Girl Called Tree: A Story & Song

I had the privilege of being with my sister, Carrie, when she gave birth to both of her children (Mikela - 19, Cameron - 16) as well as my sister in law, Amanda, when she brought her oldest into the world, Olivia.  Today is Olivia's 13th birthday. Her mother had the idea of starting a tradition of doing a coming of age ceremony. She asked family and friends to write letters to Olivia as part of this special celebration.  I immediately prayed about what to say. Her family has this inside joke of calling Olivia "tree". She is tall, and [...]

Out of Control

This is the final fruit of the Spirit we're wrapping up our series with - self control. Truthfully, I've dreaded this particular topic as I am not exactly the poster child for self control.  I am a compulsive and emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, angry, tired, bored or for social reasons. I am not going to sugar coat the truth for you because then I'd probably want to eat that, too. I have gained and lost 60-100 pounds at least 3 times in my lifetime. At my skinniest, I was awake at 5am to work out and [...]

Gentle & Tough

My kids and I have sensitive skin. I'm cautious about detergents, soaps and lotions. I rely on the gentleness of these products to not harm us, but to also get the job done. Otherwise, how effective is a detergent if it doesn't get your clothes clean? Or a soap that doesn't take the stink away? I think about gentleness in this way. Strength & gentleness are not mutually exclusive, but i think some mistake it for weakness. Your gentleness is in fact your strength. Your words can be a salve to someone's soul. Gentleness is that powerful. It's hard in [...]

Faithfulness & Dreamers

Faithfulness is key to the dreamer. It is forged in the deepest caverns of our souls, in the hidden places of our heart's desires. It is the place where the Lord longs to meet us; where He awaits our invitation. It is the call to the deep. It is the where dreams take root and the place we are tested. It is what separates the casual Sunday morning church-goer from the Jesus-heart chaser.  Are you faithful in the small things? Or do you do them begrudgingly, wishing there was more? Just be faithful. Even if no one notices. Know that [...]


Goodness. Seems like such a simple thing, really. I think most people want to do good. Can we be honest? Sometimes doing good is exhausting. It takes thinking outside of yourself in addition to the laundry list of things you have to do already. It requires faithfulness, because good deeds don't give you anything in return. It requires integrity because nobody is looking anyway. It requires time you don't have. It requires patience that's likely wearing thin.   If you've ever had any of the aforementioned thoughts, you aren't a bad person. You're just burned out. Burn out is the enemy [...]