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How About It, Hagar?

Ever wonder how that conversation between Sarah and Hagar went down? How do you ask another woman to sleep with your husband and have a baby because you think your ovaries basically have shriveled up? (I feel uncomfortable even asking my neighbor for a cup of sugar - so I NEVER have.) I bet holidays were super awkward.  "Hagar - can you do me a solid?" -Sarah  How could Hagar say no? She didn't.  Many years ago, I spoke at a camp for elementary age girls with my bff/soul sister, Emily. In addition to my being a terrible speaker, this [...]

Bible Moms Part 3: Sarah

I remember when I first found out I could not have children. The words seemed to echo in my head and for about a week, I was in a daze. It was a bit like watching a movie of your own life. You hear the words but can't believe it's actually happening. I recall a night I couldn't sleep as thoughts seemed to replay in my mind in a loop about my inability - my failure in conceiving. I turned to prayer and my Bible and read about Sarah. (Beth tells her story beautifully here...) I relate to Sarah. I'm [...]

Mary: Original Teen Mom

I had the opportunity to play Mary in an Easter production in 1993 as well as Christmas productions 1997 & 1998. No, I did not win any awards though I'm sure my performance was riveting. **sarcasm** One year, the parents of baby Jesus used a picture of me holding him for their Christmas card. He was a method actor. Mary, mother of our savior, was a teen mom. The ORIGINAL teen mom. And she's biblical proof that not much has changed in the world since her time; the world still looks down on young ladies in this position.  Even Joseph, [...]

Moms of the Bible: Eve's Eviction & Conviction

Eve. Being first at anything is hard, nevermind being the first of our entire gender. Pioneers seldom have an easy go of things, and Eve is no exception. However, she had a pretty sweet setup to start with. No dishes. No laundry. No housekeeping. A husband who literally walked closely with God. I'm guessing she didn't have a belly button. Did I mention no laundry? You know, cuz of that whole being naked thing. Sorry, that laundry thing has got me irrationally envious. If you saw my replica of Mt. Hood made entirely of Conlee clothing, you'd understand. It's a [...]