Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Just GO!

Beth's post about the woman caught in adultery is amazing.  I've always wondered about that passage in John 8. What was her name? Was that left out on purpose to not bring her further condemnation? Or was it so we could put OUR names in her place - so that we may relate to her failure? What did Jesus write in the dirt? What happened to the man? Clearly gender bias is at work here and the feminist part of me wants to scream.  What stands out to me most today is the word "go". Often I get stuck in [...]

Rahab: A Woman with Nothing to Lose

Beth wrote an intro for this part of our Bible women series because we're talking about women with bad reputations. We want to dive into the soap opera drama of the lives of the harlots. What happens when we peel back that label? We find ourselves. Rahab was a prostitue. Look, no one just wakes up one day and decides to become a prostitute. We each make a million little decisions that have lead us to where we are at this very moment. Rahab reminds me that God can reach through time, space & circumstance. He sees the heart. No one [...]

Love Thy Neighbor

I grew up in one of those neighborhoods where I knew everyone and had a bunch of kids to play and grow with. As an adult, I've made little effort but despite that, we've had pretty great neighbors. We moved a couple years ago and live in a cul-de-sac with some people I'm sure are pretty nice. I've been caught up in the day to day survival that I've made zippy zip effort to know my neighbors.  Until tonight. But I'll get to that. The other day, one of my neighbors came by because he accidentally received some of our [...]

Jochebed: Giving Him Up

Beth wrote about Jochebed, mother of Moses & her experience in letting her son go as he left home, college bound.  My experience, however is on the receiving end. I am the adoptive mom. We do have an open adoption, and the birth mother is in the picture. It's something I'm learning to navigate through counseling.  As I thought about Jochebed, doing what she could to save Moses' life; rescued him from the clutches of death by placing him in a basket. Then from a basket, to a palace. A royal adoption.  I often think about how my joy is [...]

Hannah: What is enough?

Beth posted about Hannah this morning on her blog. Once again, another story of infertility. Why is it this can cause us to feel like lesser women? Do our lives not have purpose outside child rearing? And yet, there is biology involved. There is a cliche biological clock. It's a real thing.  This story of Hannah took me back 3 years, to Christmas 2013, in Paris. For 2 weeks, I pretended to be a local. Getting my pastries and coffee for breakfast from the same bakery - from the girl with a playboy bunny tattoo who had a great smile. Walking [...]