Beth and I are looking at the love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13. Today we are looking at patience or as I like to call it – NOBODY’S strong suit! 

My first month working in education, I’ve decided teachers and parents of small children are among the most patient of people. 

When your love for someone is enough to suppress annoyance, you my friend have found patience. 

To me, patience is when you not only come to the end of yourself. You not only love someone as a work in progress, but see them for who they could be and are becoming in Christ. This, for me, has always been my aim when I contemplate and seek patience. 

Now, for a little silliness. (Glad I recorded this when I felt my nasty cold coming on & did it before I lost my voice completely!)

​[wpvideo GZnthyV9]​


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