I’m going to say something no one wants to admit; holidays hurt. However, I’ve found thinking of others can help beat those blues, especially around the holidays.

Tualatin School House Pantry is located in Rolling Hills Community Church. They serve around 1500 different families each year in Tualatin, Durham, West Linn, Lake Oswego and Wilsonville – no questions asked. They only need a proof of address. The amount of food given away each year weighs in at a staggering 820,000 pounds of food.
TSHP is a shopping style pantry where clients get to pick their own food that way we can accommodate food allergies, dietary needs, cultural preferences, limited cooking facilities and just food preferences. They pride themselves on welcoming all equally in a safe, confidential & welcoming environment. (Disabled can inquire about food deliveries as well.)
If you would like to help volunteer, there is need for personal shoppers, back room workers and drivers. Drivers and back room workers are typically mornings and shoppers are any time we are open for service throughout the day.
Hours: Monday 3-7:30pm, Wednesday 10-3pm, Thursday 4:30-7:30pm, & Friday 10-1pm.

In addition to their regular food box, they offer Thanksgiving Baskets. These include a handful of items as well as a Frozen Turkey. (Proof of address is required to receive one of these baskets on the 2 days they’re passed out.) The Thanksgiving Baskets are such an incredible things as they not only give families the much needed protein in their diet but it also gives families a chance to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. It gives them just one more thing to be thankful about! Additionally, while many organizations do something for Christmas – TSHP does this during Thanksgiving because very few organizations are able to offer something in addition to Christmas.

“I absolutely love working at TSHP. Nothing makes your heart more full than watching a family leave with a heaping full grocery cart of food. Not just any food, but high quality amazing food including fresh eggs & milk, fresh produce and a good amount of meat. We have so many fun food options from specialty cheese from DPI (a local specialty food distributor) to Starbucks sandwiches and pastries just to name a few! We also have 2-6 pallets of produce in our vast produce section which is part of our healthy pantry initiative to give healthy foods for healthy families!” – Tracy Smith, TSHP volunteer coordinator.

If you would like to volunteer, please call the pantry at 503-783-0721 and leave a message or email tracy@schoolhousepantry.org.
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