This is a love story. A story about people who fell in love and chose to love others near and far.

If you were to meet John and Pam Pries, you would know immediately these two people are in love. John married his bride, Pam, on New Year’s Eve, 1966. In 1977, they became residents of Tualatin, where they raised their children, Britney and Zachary.

From 1996 to 2010, John became an associate pastor at Grace Community Church, which later became Horizon Community Church. Pam was principal of Community Christian School, which later became Horizon Christian Elementary School, for over
19 years. The couple retired in 2010. However, their idea of retirement is vastly different than most.

This family has deep roots in the Tualatin community. In fact, the couple still reside in the same Tualatin home they moved into in 1977. That is, until recently.

John and Pam left behind the comforts of home to live, love and serve the people of Cambodia. In addition to teaching, the pair have put their talent to use with Remember Nhu where

John is Vice President of Operations. This organization works to end child sex slavery through prevention.

They helped make our community a great place, and now they’re making a difference in Cambodia. Lives are being changed. At risk youth are safe from the darkness of the sex trade.

People are being loved. That very same care and devotion they gave our city is what they’ve brought with them to the other side of the world.
John and Pam may not understand the meaning of the word “retirement”, but their lives show us it is never too late to dream big and step outside our comfort zones to make a difference.


Textbook extrovert. If there’s a stage, Jenny wants to be on it; whether it’s singing in church, doing stand-up comedy or acting. She has recently joined a cult called LuLaRoe. Her husband, David, is deeply concerned. Jenny and David, a pastor, are recently celebrating eighteen years of marriage. After years of infertility, they became adoptive parents of two year old twin boys in 2014. They’ve never been happier or more exhausted. Every day is an adventure. Jenny blogs at and has a regular feature in Tualatin Life newspaper called Everyday Heroes to celebrate those serving our community. She and her husband started a clothing line based on their story and you can check it out at There’s nothing we can’t do with a little bit of love and a whole lot of caffeine.

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