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19 Years of Marriage

I’ve tried writing something several times - and yet I find myself at a loss for words. Not normal for me. I wrote this song for David for our 15th anniversary. We’d been through infertility, losing a house, and me being...me, and came out better on the other side. The song was my promise that we’d be ok without children if that’s what God had in mind. Less than 3 months later, we got our boys, Wyatt and Levi.  The song has new meaning to me every year. Here it is:  http://soundcloud.com/user-278211553/weve-got-it-all-right-here

Love & Obedience

As a parent, it drives me insane when my kids don’t obey. In those moments, it gives me insight into how God the Father must feel when we don’t listen and obey.  I have a really great job - and part of it is that I get to lead worship in chapel at a Christian school for elementary and middle school students.  Not long ago, our principal set up what she called a listening chapel. She had an awesome Pastor lead it. During different sounds (like waves crashing on a shore or a campfire crackling, for example) and in silence, [...]

The 5 Things Moms Want for Valentine’s Day 

A nap. Five minutes in the bathroom uninterrupted. The ability to sleep in on a Saturday. A hot meal you don’t have to share with anyone. A phone call without yelling at the kids. I’m sure these are all things we moms daydream about on occasion. Could someone wrap these things up for us on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps these are the best gifts!  Continue reading at Portland Moms Blog.