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You can be an child’s hero this Christmas, and bless an entire family. This is the season for giving! For many students, the one meal they get during the day is the one they get from school. Horizon Community Church has a program to fill backpacks every Friday at Tualatin Elementary and provides meals for students over the weekend. With Christmas coming up, the church has partnered with Tualatin Elementary again to provide meals for students during their upcoming winter break. Simply go to the front office (23370 SW Boones Ferry Rd.) and ask for a Community Care bag. Inside it you’ll find a shopping list – taking the guess work out of what to provide. Return the filled bags back to the church by December 10. On December 15, you are welcome to come back to Horizon Community Church to help sort and put together the donations into food…

Nestled on Main Street in Downtown Tigard is Bailey’s Burger Shop. It’s serving up delicious burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes. What you may not know is the story behind its namesake. Like many of us, owner, Gina Slaughter, grew up watching Its a Wonderful Life during the Christmas season. The movie has fond memories for Gina and her family. When the children in her family misbehaved, her Uncle Jack would say, “Are you going to be a Bailey or a Potter?” The idea of being a Bailey is being someone who stands for what is right. Being a good person. Someone who makes their life count. Gina named the restaurant Bailey’s because, “Slaughter wouldn’t be a good name for a restaurant”, she said with her glowing sense of humor. Gina opened Bailey’s Burger Shop one year ago. The deposit for the restaurant came from a gift from her beloved…

John Livingstone’s memoirs read like a journal. It is a treasure trove of personal anecdotes and has the makings of a Hollywood script. Starting with his humble beginnings in his beloved hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin with a population of fewer than forty thousand people. He was a precocious and bright young man growing up in a town that suffered during the Great Depression, but the sweet people made his hometown a special place. The wonderful people of Oshkosh gave Livingstone a heroes welcome when he returned for a book signing in 2002. Oshkosh could not contain Livingstone. As a youth, Livingstone craved adventure, and the Army was about to send him on a journey which would become the path for a lifelong adventure. He speaks five languages including English – of course. He has a Masters Degree and is fluent in Spanish. He said, “I get along well in French…

Back in September 2016, I shared with you about Katie Frazer – and 8 year old girl with a big heart to change the world. Katie was on a mission to raise $24,000 for Village of Hope to build another home for children. Katie was told she could name the house, and she named it Compassion – so that the children there would live in compassion. A profound thought from this fiery, redheaded girl. Continue reading at Tualatin Life 

Three years ago, a then five year old Katie Frazer told her parents, Matt and Tammy, “I want to do something, but you’re going to tell me I’m too little.” As if that statement wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, Katie expressed that what she wanted to do was raise $1,000 to give to Village of Hope in Uganda – an organization that rescues children that were child soldier and sex slaves, as well as their orphaned siblings. Continue reading at Tualatin Life 

Some people wonder what to do when they retire, but not Steve and Brenda Fivecoat. These wonderful people devote time each week at Tualatin Elementary school in various volunteer capacities. The pair volunteers as Reading Buddies – helping kids learn to read. They build relationships through Lunch Buddies – having lunch with students. For some students, the lunch they receive at school may be the only meal they count on. So, the Fivecoats also help with Backpack Buddies – which fills the backpacks of students in need with enough food for the weekend. When this couple isn’t serving at Tualatin Elementary, they find time to serve in their local church on the weekend. During the holiday season, the Fivecoats help organize Pounds of Love, which collected & distributed 5,795 pounds of food to bless 80 families, including gifts for 198 kids! Continue reading at Tualatin Life

Kim Kroeger is in her twenty-first year of teaching choir at Tualatin High School, and her impact on our community is now multi-generational. Saying she’s a choir teacher truly doesn’t do this amazing woman justice; it barely scratches the surface of this woman’s role. Mrs. Kroeger creates opportunities for her students that are once in a lifetime experiences that they will always treasure. She’s taken students to perform at Carnegie Hall where they’ve sung with famous orchestras and conductors. They’ve performed in Mexico, British Columbia and Jamestown, VA just to name a few. They’ve performed for presidents and dignitaries. Continue reading this story at Tualatin Life

Oh, birth mom. I think of you. And not just because it’s National Adoption Awareness Month. Most days, I’m awakened by a tug of my comforter as at least one of the boys climbs atop the fluffy covers. That is usually accompanied by a demand for family cuddles or a request for Octonauts on Netflix. If it’s a Saturday, there’s a very emphatic explanation of why it’s a good day to go to Safari Sams. On weekdays there’s the morning bustle to get us all dressed, fed, and out the door to preschool and work. So, there are days where you don’t cross my mind at all because I have so little brain power – I had no idea “mom brain” was a real thing. (Nope, not just for preggers or new moms, but us adoptive mamas, too.) Continue reading at Portland Moms Blog!

Aww, the holiday season. Here I am, just minding my own business, still eating my kids’ Halloween candy, and before I know it, Thanksgiving is already here! While the great debate rages on about when it’s okay to play Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree, let us celebrate by stuffing our faces full of turkey, punkin’ pie and all the trimmings! I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving for my family consists mostly of travel and regret. Our family’s own National Lampoon’s holiday road in a three-phase journey. Continue reading at Portland Moms Blog!