I’ve tried writing something several times – and yet I find myself at a loss for words. Not normal for me. I wrote this song for David for our 15th anniversary. We’d been through infertility, losing a house, and me being…me, and came out better on the other side. The song was my promise that we’d be ok without children if that’s what God had in mind. Less than 3 months later, we got our boys, Wyatt and Levi. The song has new meaning to me every year. Here it is:


As a parent, it drives me insane when my kids don’t obey. In those moments, it gives me insight into how God the Father must feel when we don’t listen and obey. I have a really great job – and part of it is that I get to lead worship in chapel at a Christian school for elementary and middle school students. Not long ago, our principal set up what she called a listening chapel. She had an awesome Pastor lead it. During different sounds (like waves crashing on a shore or a campfire crackling, for example) and in silence, students were asked to write down what the Lord was speaking to their hearts. I heard from students of all ages in the days following this chapel, independent of each other, that they heard the word “go”. It affected me so deeply how sensitive to the Holy Spirit our students…


New Years resolutions are inevitable. Even when I say I’m not going to make them, I’m unintentionally making a resolution to not make resolutions! I hear the same things every year, too. Lose weight. Travel more. Try new things. Volunteer more. Spend more time with the family. There has to be a way of setting goals that inspires us to become the best version of ourselves, but aren’t unrealistic and don’t make us feel like failures if they go unaccomplished. Here is my list of five realistic goals I’m setting for myself in 2018. Continue reading at Portland Moms Blog  Here’s my first (and hopefully not my last) appreance on KGW.


A couple years ago, my friend Alex came over and laid down some guitar tracks for me to sing along and record later as time allowed (after boys went to bed). We called it Acoustic Christmas.  This year, Alex had the idea to record video instead and also pull her brother Ryan in on the fun. I have known these 2 wonderful people for a decade. We were their youth pastors. It is humbling that they not only are my friends as adults, but that they are such a source of encouragement for me. I adore them. (They also worked with my crazy mom/wife/work schedule. They are SO patient.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy our music – and we hope this is just the start of more to come. Ok – this last one is MY personal fav. Thanks for watching, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A true friend will remind you who you are when you forget & find yourself in a valley of self doubt. They know how you like your coffee. Or if you need coffee. They don’t let you wear mom jeans. You don’t have the hide parts of your personality or life from them. They’d see thru you even if you tried. They don’t drag you down. They don’t make you feel drained. They respect your time, boundaries & beliefs. Near & far: I have true friends. I hope they can say the same of me.