Time After Time is an 80’s classic. I have a lot of memories of listening to Cyndi Lauper’s album She’s So Unusual as a kid. [youtube=] Also, Alicia Keys is amazing. I love this song. Love the John Mayer-esq flavor my dear Alex brought to it on guitar. [youtube=] Thanks for watching and for your support, friends!

I know, friends. Shameless self promotion. My narcissism truly knows no bounds. I know, I know. I love me some me. KIDDING! Sheesh, don’t be so serious. I can’t tell you how much I love this song. Loved it when Garth did it. Love Adele’s version. A good song can transcend genres, conquer charts and be timeless. Anyway, here it is. We did this a few weeks ago. Hope you like. Thanks for watching! Love, Jenny Lind [youtube=]

Dear Pat Benatar, I celebrate your entire catalog. On behalf of everyone who grew up in the 80’s, thank you for anthems such as Love Is A Battlefield and Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Here is my tribute – a cover of We Belong. Sincerely, Jenny Lind [youtube=]

I blogged about the song This is the Stuff a while back, so it seemed only fitting I use that song to launch my YouTube channel. A friend gave me the idea to start a YouTube channel a while back, and I felt silly about it but I decided to give it a try. I apologize for my rookie mistakes and hope you hang in there with me as I learn to make these vids better! Thanks for reading my blog, following along with me in my journey and for your wonderful support. Love to all, Jenny Lind [youtube=]