Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Don’t Forget to Laugh

Will this mom thing ever get easier? Nope. Not easier. Just different. I’ve cracked the code, friends. Basically through each stage, your problems just move to a different area of your house. Trouble has somehow gotten ahold of your blueprints, and uses it as a map. For me, trouble began in my twin boys’ bedroom. I remember delirium setting in from sleep deprivation as I wondered if I’d ever sleep again. Then once we got sleep training down, I was barely done with my victory lap before we moved onto potty training. My hand was forced when trouble made its [...]

Expressing Motherhood

It’s messy. It’s fun. It’s gross. It’s having your heart live outside of your body, and sending it out into the world. It’s every strong emotion you’ve ever felt combined with your intuition on steroids. It’s like an all-nighter with your drunken roommate. It’s yoga pants and lattes. It’s a love that is indescribable. It’s three cans of dry shampoo and a top knot. It’s a third trip to Target in one day because you keep forgetting stuff. It’s the road trips and play dates. It’s the cuddles and tantrums. It’s the owies and boo-boos. It’s back-to-back episodes of Octonauts [...]

The Lego Vortex

We have dabbled in Legos, testing the waters to see if the boys are interested or ready for it. Now that the boys are a bit older and on the precipice of kindergarten, their dad has lost his ever-loving mind. He says it’s for the kids, but he’s lying to himself, God and everyone. He’s been waiting for this day, secretly longing to trade in those big blocks for that intricate, interlocking brick system. You know the Lego movie? Did I marry the dad? Maybe? Hmm. I joined Weight Watchers, which is basically AA for chubby people, but that is [...]

We’re All Becoming Our Mothers

Newsflash: you’re turning into yo mama. It was the fall of 2010, my pre-motherhood life. My mom and stepdad, Jim, had this timeshare deal and we thought it’d be fun to do Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. After settling in, we headed out to see the sights and I turned to my husband, David and said, “Baby, do you need your jacket?” Not thirty seconds later, the shockingly unbelievable happened. My mother and Jim emerged from their room, and she said to him, “Baby, do you need your jacket?” Continue reading at Portland Moms Blog!

50 Shades of Cauliflower

Has anybody else noticed this outpouring of recipes and high-speed cooking videos of various dishes made with cauliflower? On the Tasty YouTube channel, there’s over a dozen recipes trying to dress it up. It begs the question: is this ugly white vegetable the new kale? Cauliflower cheesy bread and cauliflower pizza. Cauliflower fried rice and cauliflower buffalo wings. Mashed cauliflower and cauliflower tots. Cheesy cauliflower and cauliflower chowder. Honestly, the list has me sounding like Bubba from Forest Gump when he talks about shrimp. Don’t believe me? If you look this up on Pinterest, you’ll find yourself down a rabbit [...]

You’re Not a Failure if Your Socks Don’t Match

Since becoming a mom I stopped caring whether or not my socks match. Frankly, I haven’t the time nor patience after doing everyone else’s laundry! Isn’t that typical? We are used to putting our tiny humans’ needs before our own. Motherhood is forcing me to care less about stuff that doesn’t matter and redefine failure. After all, we have much more important things to worry about. You’re not a failure if your socks don’t match.  Socks are the worst part of doing laundry and everyone knows it! A few years ago, premom me put my husband’s socks in the fire [...]

Even Superman Was Adopted

Steve Jobs? Adopted. Whether you are a fan or love Apple products or not, you can’t deny the man’s contributions to technology and creativity that changed the world. Or what about Thor’s brother, super villain-hottie-frost giant, Loki? Also adopted. Probably not a great example. SUPERMAN. Yes, even Superman was adopted. The moment our eyes met, it was love. No, I’m not talking about Loki. No, I’m not even talking about my husband. He was a dork who became my friend and one day I woke up and realized I could not live without him; he was more than I ever [...]

Haste to Bring Him Laud

I got busy this week and didn’t get to my regular Monday post. But here I am! You hopefully caught Beth’s post about how love believes on Monday. I hope you all had a merry Christmas! My week has been an amazing time with family. A few weeks ago, I was at a Christmas concert at a church where my dear friends and mentors are now the music pastors. I watched as he conducted a choir and full orchestra and his wife cheered him on from the front row, singing every line. I have always been moved by their devotion to [...]

Affectionate Protection

I can’t think of a more protective love than that of a parent. As parents, we want to protect our kids from pain. For my fellow adoptive parents out there, we want to shield them from rejection and the pain of abandonment - which I fear is not only impossible but inevitable at least on some level.  As Beth put it, it means “I’ve got your back”. David and I came up with a motto early in our courtship, “you, me & God”. I think of it as our take on Ecclesiastes 4:12 - Though one may be overpowered, two [...]

The Truth

Beth and I are continuing our look at love. What does it mean to rejoice in the truth? I can tell you what it means to me where I’m at in life right now. I cling to God’s promises - because they are truth. The truth is truth no matter how I feel. It remains steadfast and unwavering regardless of circumstance. The truth is the truth no matter what you or I happen to believe. Truth conquers doubt. I cling to God’s holy word - because IT is truth.  It’s my lamp. It’s my road map.  I rejoice in this [...]