I set my purse down on the kitchen counter along with some groceries for Pops. A cherry trivet sat on the stove next to its last working burner. The oven portion of the appliance no longer worked either. You see, the oven was an original fixture of the house, built in the 1950’s- much like its residents. This was Chris’s childhood home. She loved living in it as an adult, and having grandkids over to swim in the pool. My eyes drifted over to the old red kettle perched on that back burner. Pops made Mom a cup of tea every night. Constant Comment was her favorite. Without fail, I would tease her mercilessly about it. A woman known for her quick, witty repartee whose favorite tea was CONSTANT COMMENT?! What could be more perfect?! It was low hanging comedic fruit, but I’m not too proud. The kettle sat. Red…