special needs


I’m sitting in the doctor’s office. An all too familiar sight reminiscent of the of the hardest summer of my life. We spent about eight weeks of summer with anywhere between 2-4 doctor’s appointments. Pediatrician. Neurology. Two Behaviorists. Therapist. Psychiatrist. All of this and still very few answers and solutions. This is parenting. We’re on a journey, and like any good journey, things just take time. My tidal waves of emotion consist of frustration trying to get my kids the help they need, and the strange internal conflict that my greatest joy in life is also my greatest challenge. Motherhood is the scariest ‘hood I’ve ever experienced. Well meaning people, and complete strangers, make suggestions. But like diets, there’s nothing I haven’t tried. Every kid is different, and my kids have their own special set of baggage. I have monogrammed it with our family name and hitched a U-HAUL to…